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What our clients say

Testimonials "I'd been training in gyms for years, not really getting anywhere. The trainers at virtual fitness give me the push I need even over the Internet. Now I've lost weight and feel fitter than ever. If I miss a session I feel guilty!"
Phillip Monk, aged 43 financial advisor

"They take care of both sides of the equation; exercise, and what your eating. I didn't realise weight loss could be so straight forward, even though it's hard work!"
Susan Orwell, 36 housewife

"I must admit I was sceptical that online training would work but I'd tried everything else so I gave it a go. I was amazed how much personal attention I received. Within a month I was a changed woman, they reorganised my life, exercise, food, shopping, fitting everything in, fantastic!"
Carolyn, aged 48 solicitor

"I suffered with Sciatica down my left side for years and I was sure I'd just have to live with the pain as I got old. My trainer designed a program for me to do at home that focused on my lower back strength and flexibility and now I can do things I couldn't do ten years ago!"
Thomas Poole, 66, retired

"They have a knowledge of training you don't get at the gym! Virtual fitness made me concentrate on nutrition in a way I never previously had. Combined with the right exercise I've lost weight with ease after struggling for years
Sharon Smith, aged 37. Cardiac nurse