Masters of fitness!

All of our trainers at Virtual fitness are qualified to Master of Science level in Sport and Exercise science, and this is above all our major advantage over other websites and online personal trainers. The fitness industry is a fast growing industry and unfortunately a lot of so called personal trainers and instructors are plying there trade with only a basic understanding of fitness concepts usually picked up from a little weight lifting experience in gyms, or a weekend course to gain one of many available qualifications.
A masters degree in sport and exercise science or related field can only be attained by a minimum of four years fulltime study, so please don't think it arrogant that we consider ourselves more of an authority than the many less qualified trainers out there.

Our trainers have a thorough understanding of the underpinning components of fitness and the physiological knowledge of how the human body responds and adapts to different types of exercise. Furthermore we understand the different needs of specialist populations such as the obese, the pregnant, the elderly and the elite and how their training should specialise accordingly.
Finally we recognise how advanced training techniques utilised by professional athletes can benefit the man and woman in the high street gym, and how other factors such as body type, age, diet, metabolism, and medical history can all affect an individuals needs and aspirations.

About the trainers

Stuart Ennis trainer Stuart Ennis aged 30

Msc sport and exercise science
Bsc sports studies
RSA level 3 exercise to music
Registered Thai fit instructor
REPs level 3-Advanced Instructor certified

Stuart has several years personal training experience, currently splitting his schedule between training his clients and working as an exercise physiologist at a leading cardiac rehabilitation centre in the west midlands area. He spent two years lecturing sports studies whilst completing his MSc. He has a particular interest in nutrition and has had a lot of success implementing healthy weight loss diets with his clients.

What Stuart says:
"There is a lot of misinformation around about diet and exercise. What I can tell you is that unfortunately the quick fix just doesn't exist. You can only get the results you want with hard work and dedication, but I'll show you how."

Paul Boden trainer Paul Boden aged 29

Msc sport and exercise science
Bsc sports studies
Y.M.C.A. resistance and cardiovascular training award
BACR member
REPs level 3-Advanced Instructor certified

Paul is an exercise physiologist at the same cardiac rehabilitation centre in the midlands. His expertise is helping patients with health conditions like: obesity, arthritis, diabetes, high blood pressure and of course heart disease, improve there quality of life with exercise prescription. He has also worked for the British Olympic Medical Centre testing Professional Footballers and therefore recognises the different training requirements for both elite and sedentary populations

What Paul says:
"A lot of the people I meet have been fitness training for years, without much success. It's a shame that many of these people squander all that time and money when with a few simple changes they could be achieving everything they want and more. I make sure people are working towards their aims without wasting effort."